Take Off with a Custom Concrete Counter Top

Take Off with a Custom Concrete Counter Top

One of the pillars of work completed at Coulter Designs is our custom made concrete counter tops. Often times, I get asked about the process for this kind of project. So, here is a short explanation about the ways of Coulter Designs…

Like so many of our projects, the first step is choosing the design. We go through an extensive sampling process with our clients until we get the exact formula of what each individual client is looking to achieve in a particular project. Whether you want a simple color-integrated concrete counter top or a bold and colorful terrazzo design, Coulter Designs produces miniature samples for you to take home to see if it works with your other design accents.

Once a sample is approved, our superintendent visits your home and completes what we call a “take off.” This is basically a two-dimensional outline of the exact measurements of your counter top, including back splashes if desired. This outline is then brought back to the Coulter Designs workroom where a 3D form is built by our in-house artisan to the exact proportions from the take off.

Once the form is built, we are able to then pour the concrete into the form to harden. Once fully cured, the concrete is then de-molded and the polishing process begins. Polishing is a crucial step in the process because that is what gives your concrete counter top that smooth, diamond finish. Lastly, the counter top is sealed.

Then, Coulter Designs delivers your counter top and installs the entire thing!

Stop by our Design Gallery on 14th Avenue in Vero Beach to check out some of our concrete counter top samples and maybe even catch the artisan at work! Hopefully, we see you soon!