Sunrise Terrazzo Vessel – Large

Sunrise Terrazzo Vessel – Large


Height Diameter
4 ¾” 27.4″


This large Sunrise Terrazzo Vessel is the epitome of Concrete Artistry, which Coulter Designs aims to accomplish. With terrazzo glass chips in varying sizes and in a color palette reminiscent of a vibrant sunrise, this vessel catches the light both indoors and out making it a beautiful, yet versatile, design option. The craftsmanship of Coulter Designs’ artisan is seen through this unique piece, which can only be described as simply stunning!

Coulter Designs is able to handcraft this item with alternative terrazzo colors. Please contact Coulter Designs directly for additional information related to a custom-made Vessel.

7-14 day production time for this one-of-a-kind concrete piece.

For a limited time, Coulter Designs is proud to offer FREE SHIPPING on this item!

Height: 4 ¾”

Diameter: 27.4″


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