Masters of Age Old Decorative Finishes

Italian Plaster Artistry

Masters of Age Old Decorative Wall Finishes

Steeped in timeless art, architecture, music and food, Italy is quite simply the epitome of European elegance.  From the Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican to the Tuscan countryside, Italy boasts some of the most spectacular urban and rural landscapes.  What if you could infuse some of this Italian culture into one of the most intimate of spaces…your home?  Coulter Designs has mastered Italian Plaster Artistry, which is an age old Italian decorative wall finish.

Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement reminiscent of Italy’s renowned parties like Carnevale in Venice or something more subtle and traditionally classic, evoking the eternal beauty of Italy’s operas and ballets, Italian Plaster finishing can transform your living area into a masterpiece befitting Borgia royalty.

At Coulter Designs, owner and artisan Richard Coulter has mastered the technique of this age old decorative finish.  His body of work encompasses unlimited variations of the Italian Plaster medium.  Coulter Designs offers three varieties of Italian Plaster imported straight from Italy: fine, medium, and coarse.  The fine finish of Coulter Designs’ Spatula Stuhhi Classico is breathtaking on interior walls and ceilings where it can optimally reflect light and water.  The Spirito Libero medium-finish offers a more matte option with its lime, marble powder, and natural mineral additives, which gives walls beautiful texture and rich color.  Lastly, the coarse Travertino variety is ideal for exterior walls that experience the harshness of Mother Nature (a great and lasting alternative to stucco).

The broad range of Italian Plaster’s color and texture is sure to fit any design concept from contemporary to old-world.   Please visit the Coulter Designs gallery in Downtown Vero Beach to learn more about Italian Plaster and dream up your next Italian adventure!


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