Leave Your Imprint

Leave Your Imprint

   Art possesses the incredible ability to evoke feelings from its viewers. Through color, texture, shape, line and more, art becomes relatable. When we do a project, whether that be a floor, table, wall, counter, etc., it is of utmost importance that it be a custom work of art for each and every client. We provide this customization in many ways; leaving an “imprint” is one of the most unique!

One of our favorite ways to make a project relatable is to incorporate an image that tells your story! Ranging from an intricate map inlayed into the floor to a family crest atop your dining room table, we will custom make any graphic to suit your tastes.
You want the inlay, but you want it in a different color? No problem! We customize color with acid staining and other color integration techniques.
When Coulter Designs is finished with your project you will have a 100% custom, one-of-a-kind work of art!

 Not only do our graphic inlays allow us to engrain our work with maps, logos, etc.; we can also custom create any dimensions for the pattern of your choosing. A tile pattern, concrete wood or faux brick, can all be done without stamping!

Stop by our design gallery at 1865 14th ave. Vero Beach, FL 32960 to get a taste of all the possibilities!

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