The Inspiration Behind Coulter Designs

Richard's Italian Influence

The Inspiration Behind Coulter Designs

You might not be aware, but Coulter Designs puts out a bi-weekly electronic newsletter to keep our clients, fans, and business partners apprised of new projects, industry inspiration, and inside stories about Coulter Designs. A recent newsletter we disseminated explained a little about the inspiration behind Coulter Designs. The reception we received to this article was immensely positive that we thought we would share the information with our website community! We hope you enjoy!

As you can imagine, Italy boasts some of the most spectacular urban and rural landscapes. One Italian destination in particular, Portofino, is the precise inspiration behind the artistry practiced at Coulter Designs.

Owner and artisan of Coulter Designs, Richard Coulter, traveled to Italy and became inspired by the lifestyle of one of Europe’s oldest cultures. This influence led Richard to infuse some of Italy’s ageless beauty into his business. Most notably, in Coulter Designs’ Italian Plaster Artistry. The buildings and walls in Portofino are vibrant, colorful, and, amazingly, not often retouched or redone. This is due to the unique plaster product that is used. Upon arriving back in the United States, Richard immediately sought to bring this product to Vero Beach.

At Coulter Designs, we import authentic Italian Plaster, for interior and exterior walls, to infuse some of that Italian culture right into the Treasure Coast. We are able to match pigment, color tone, and texture to your desired interior design. We provide samples until an exact match is achieved. It’s always exciting when we have a client that decides to use Italian Plaster versus traditional paint.

For more information and to see this stunning product in person, please visit our Design Gallery on 14th Avenue in Vero Beach!  If you are interested in receiving Coulter Designs’ bi-weekly newsletter, please subscribe by providing your e-mail address on the top, right-hand side of your screen.

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