Out With Industrial & In With Artistic

Out With Industrial & In With Artistic

It is commonly thought that art mustn’t be functional and useful—only pleasing to the eye. New innovations never come about if we accept social conventions as truth–which is what we, at Coulter Designs, look to debunk every day.

Coulter Designs understands the importance of personalized, unique craftsmanship paired with the strength and durability of concrete. Richard Coulter, the owner and artisan, realized many years ago, much to his credit, that concrete has the capability to take on the qualities of nearly every other architectural surface. Upon this outstanding discovery, Richard Coulter learned to manipulate concrete into any artistic design, color or texture.

To put things in perspective: Coulter Designs can match any color sample. Dreaming of sea foam green flooring? Vessel & Terrazzo

We’ve got you covered. In love with your whimsical magenta scarf? Bring it in and we will translate it into a one-of-a-kind concrete masterpiece! We have the color palette of an accomplished painter, not limited by texture, time or space.  Perhaps you admire slate or granite and want a more durable alternative; well, we’re here to help.

As if we haven’t given you enough project ideas to explore and think up, we also specialize in implementing any graphic design inlay or small, personal objects into your custom concrete surface.  Imagine hand-selected sea glass, re-purposed bullet encasements, gathering up forgotten pennies, or scouring the beach with your children to find the best seashells, only to be added into your designer terrazzo flooring, walls or counter tops. Conversely, if a smoother texture appeals to your sense of style, then maybe a hand-carved graphic inlay of that backpacking trip you took in your twenties or a map of your beloved home state.  If you can dream it, we can do it!

To say Coulter Designs creates custom work is a euphemism; we handcraft architectural surfaces and specialty furniture that can embed fond family memories inside. When everything is an option, why wouldn’t you want to see fantasy become reality?

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