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From Ruins to Renaissance: Costa d’Este

In the early 1970’s The Palm Court Hotel was erected along the Atlantic Ocean in Vero Beach, Florida. For over twenty years the hotel served as a place of fun and relaxation for all those who spent time there. Then the storms of 2004 visited the Sun Shine State. Hurricanes, Charlie, Jeanne and Francis battered Florida’s coasts and left behind a cornucopia of mangled and crumbled residential and commercial properties, including The Palm Court Hotel.

It just so happens that 2004 was also the year that celebrated singer Gloria Estefan and her husband Emilio purchased The Palm Court Hotel. Their vision was to create a luxury spa and hotel that would be a major point of attraction to all who visited the Treasure Coast. In the wake of the hurricanes the Estefans had a tremendous need for a team not only well-versed in concrete work, but also the ability to create eye catching beauty.

It was at this point that Coulter Designs was able to step in and assist Gloria and Emilio achieve their vision. Richard Coulter was able to capture an “Old world ambiance” that was extremely important to Gloria. Coulter created a modern and sophisticated finish that drew its inspiration from the beach.  The result of the four year reconstruction project, in which Coulter played an integral part, was a transformation from The Palm Court Hotel into the posh beach resort known as Costa d’Este. The Estefans finally opened the doors to the resort in 2008 and have welcomed countless Vero Beach locals and vacationers alike.

The white on white exterior finish allows the five-story twin towers to act as a perfect backdrop for the gorgeous sunrises over the Atlantic. Coulter Designs is extremely proud of the opportunity extended to them by Gloria and Emilio in helping to convert a storm battered building into a premiere Treasure Coast attraction.