A Fresh Perspective on Outdoor Living

A Fresh Perspective on Outdoor Living

Science has shown us the benefits of fresh air and sunlight—spanning from respiratory health, to glowing skin, to peace of mind. A few good minutes in the outdoors can change the outlook on an entire day. At Coulter Designs, we can’t explain the magic of the outdoors, we can only enhance it.

Coulter Designs crafts functional art that serves to both provide comfort in the form of outdoor furniture, while at the same time adding an artistic element. Whether crafting a concrete seating area or a terrazzo designed bird bath, the creative possibilities for outdoor living are endless! The natural quality of concrete is that it is durable, long-lasting, and can withstand harsh weather swings.  Yet, Coulter Designs has proved that concrete can also be beautiful, artistic, and sophisticated.

Imagine – – the crisp evening air of a winter night, wrapped in blankets, and cozying up to an outdoor fire.  Then, while enjoying the sight of that burning pool, you see twinkles of red, yellow, and orange subtly appearing.  The light from the fire simply dances off the terrazzo design of your custom concrete fire pit making for a magical atmosphere.  This is the kind of luxury that Coulter Designs is in the business of crafting for its clients.

Whether you’re looking for customized planters, fountains, benches, and much more, Coulter Designs brings its Concrete Artistry to the great outdoors.  Visit our Design Gallery and Concrete Garden in Downtown Vero Beach to dream up your next outdoor design!