Customization of Concrete Furniture

Customization of Concrete Furniture

The decorative concrete industry is certainly on the rise this year due to significant increases in public awareness, better materials, and, frankly, better craftsmanship. At Coulter Designs, we have been working for nearly a decade in solidifying a place for Concrete Artistry in the Treasure Coast market.  Concrete is a wonderful moldable material that Coulter Designs has mastered to artistically shape into a multitude of designs that add beauty to a space.  No exclusive item of Coulter Designs exemplifies this expertise more than our custom concrete furniture!

Crafted to evoke emotion and conversation, our graphic inlay tables are the epitome of custom concrete furniture.  We are able to inlay any design of your choosing – a map, logo, insignia, a poem – really, the sky is the limit!  In addition, the artistic acid-staining brings these pieces to life by encompassing drama, movement, and intensity. The high sheen finish is the result of continuous buffing and applications of a durable clear coat, which allows for the item to be housed outdoors as well in.  There is nothing more special than when form and function come to life in an artistic and beautiful fashion.

Moreover, Coulter Designs has added a fun feature to its graphic inlay table – the ability to flip it over!  One side graphics, the other terrazzo, the versatility of this design is a testament to the ingenuity and creativity of Owner and Artisan Richard Coulter. “I am always trying to push the envelope and offer my clients items they never dreamed possible,” says Richard, “not to mention, I enjoy testing my own abilities in this concrete medium that I have been working with for quite some time now.”  Could you have imagined it, a table that is reversible! The possibilities truly are endless at Coulter Designs!

Visit our Design Gallery in Downtown Vero Beach to see these amazing items in person and get some ideas for your next customized concrete furniture piece!

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