Counter Top Talk

Counter Top Talk

Concrete has been on the rise among its competition, because of its versatility allowing for endless color, texture and layout options during construction. Coulter designs customizes an otherwise industrial material into functional art using additives such as pigments, aggregates and custom inlays. Concrete counters can be poured as one continuous piece, molding additions such as sinks, drain boards, etc. with no seams.


We utilize a few different methods for color customization. Powdered pigments are used by adding them into the wet concrete mixture, permanently altering the entire depth of the slab. When working with a client we create a one of a kind pigment “recipe” to coincide with the rest of the design project.



We also use an acid stain technique to change the look of the concrete. When using this method color options are more limited, but the result yields a distinctly beautiful finish that is also permanent.
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Aggregates are used to further diversify and even strengthen your surface. Fillers such as sand, stone chips, glass and even shells can be used, and once cured the surface is ground and polished for a smooth and uniform finish.


Counters are coated with either a penetrating or topical sealer such as urethane, epoxy or wax, depending on what best suits your needs. Maintenance thereafter should be with a mild soap solution or neutral Ph cleanser. Harsh chemical cleansers should be avoided.


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