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Coulter Designs’ Eco-Friendly Mission

One of the core missions of Coulter Designs is to be proactive in aiding our world’s ever deteriorating environment. Even the smallest recycling habits can go a long way in curbing overall waste. One of the ways in which Coulter Designs executes its eco-friendly mission is by recycling colored glass bottles, broken mirrors, cracked glass, and other similar materials to incorporate into our one-of-a-kind terrazzo designs!

Coulter Designs gets frequent shipments of “trash” from local Vero Beach businesses such as Gene’s Auto Glass, Lighthouse Art & Framing, and The Patisserie to name a few. We gather all sorts of glass materials from our local community and crush it to make an array of terrazzo mixes for our clients. Community truly is the foundation of sustainability and resilience. As such, Coulter Designs spends time building relationships with the local businesses we source materials from.

The Concrete Artistry practiced at Coulter Designs is 100% custom, which affords us the ability to engage in this eco-friendly practice. We are always proud to work with recycled materials, while at the same time producing luxurious and unique art! Small adjustments, combined with the ingenuity and creativity underlying Coulter Designs’ Concrete Artistry, makes for quality and eco-friendly services and products.

Visit Coulter Designs on 14th Avenue in Vero Beach to check out our gallery and fun terrazzo designs using recycled materials!


Sunrise Terrazzo Vessel 2shell wall capt hiramterr