Common Italian Plaster Misconceptions

Common Italian Plaster Misconceptions

Coulter Designs’ Italian Plaster Artistry is a luxurious option for any design motif. Italian Plaster is a finishing technique that uses thin layers of plaster applied with a spatula or trowel to create a smooth surface with dimensional depth and texture. Often times we see hesitation on clients’ faces when considering Italian Plaster, which is largely due to common misconceptions about the product. This article addresses some of those common misconceptions and what the truth is for the Italian Plaster products offered at Coulter Designs.

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  1. Misconception: It’s a faux finish.

         Truth: It’s the most authentic veneer wall finish that has been used for thousands of years. Coulter Designs offers three varieties of Italian Plaster – Spatula Stuhhi Classico (fine), Spirito Libero (medium), and Marmarino (course). Our Spirito Libero, for example, is limestone and marble-based and includes natural mineral additives providing beautiful texture and rich color. There’s nothing faux about that!

2.  Misconception: Italian Plaster cannot be used in shower enclosures, exteriors, or any surfaces that will get wet.

         Truth: Limestone based plasters perform extremely well in wet environments. Authentic Italian Plaster can tolerate rising damp and canal-side applications like the lagoons of Venice, so it will certainly withstand our South Florida humidity. Coulter Designs’ products allow for water to be absorbed and quickly evaporate and exit the structure, which makes it a cinch for cleaning. Spatula Stuhhi Classico, in particular, breathes extremely well, is alkaline resistant and is an excellent natural anti-mildew and bactericidal product. It’s a totally ecological covering that contains no solvents.

3.  Misconception: You can buy Italian Plaster at a hardware store and anyone can apply it.

         Truth: Authentic Italian Plaster can only be imported from Italy and comes directly from an authorized distributer. The product itself can be temperamental, so seeking a professional with experience is crucial. In our experience, only professionals who consistently work with an authentic, imported Italian Plaster product can apply it correctly and with the artistry you would expect

4.  Misconception: Italian Plaster is only for walls.

          Truth: Italian Plaster can be used not only on interior and exterior walls, but ceilings too!


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