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Coulter Designs

Artistic Installations of Architectural Coatings

Coulter Designs merges form with function by utilizing innovative artistic concepts and the latest advancements in concrete and plaster technology. When you think “concrete,” what comes to mind is not usually associated with words like, “artistic, beautiful, and elegant,” but one visit to Coulter Designs and your concrete perceptions will be transformed!

Unique, modern, and minimalist are just a few select words to describe the work at Coulter Designs. From custom lightweight furniture to fun counter tops, wall decor, interior and exterior flooring, and plaster artistry, the creative possibilities at Coulter Designs are endless.  We specially formulate our concrete, which often includes custom coloring, as well as mixed, natural materials incorporated directly into the mixture to craft one-of-a-kind designs.

At Coulter Designs, if you can dream it, we can do it!

As the Owner and Artisan, Richard Coulter states: “We are driven by excellence, and committed to artistic integrity, while we materialize concepts into finished projects.”


Coulter Designs’ concrete floor coatings can be applied over any existing substrate including: tile, wood, and even cracked concrete!

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We specialize in industrial grade counter tops, vanities, and solid concrete slabs that can be easily installed in kitchens, bathrooms, or bars.

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Vertical coatings can be applied over an existing wall substrate, including drywall, or you can have a free standing installation wall designed.

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